Bennett Mountains WSA

Location: Carbon County

Nearest Town: Rawlins (35 miles)

BLM Acreage: 6,003 acreshdd-par-63936-image-1-1-1

Primitive and Unconfined Recreation:
The Bennett Mountains WSA provides opportunities for primitive recreational activities that primarily include hunting, hiking, trapping, camping, wildlife viewing and sightseeing. The rugged and diverse terrain provides high quality opportunities for a primitive and unconfined type of recreation. There are no unique or exceptional recreation opportunities within this WSA.

The Bennett Mountains WSA encompasses 6,003 acres of BLM-administered land with no inholdings or split estate. The study area contains three basic types of topography: the mountain plateau/ridges, the steep, rocky ledges and the many tributary draws. Vegetation is primarily grasses, sagebrush and other shrubs, with pockets of pine, aspen and willows.

Consisting of steep rock ledges and walls and several drainages, the WSA provides opportunities for primitive, unconfined recreation. This WSA was not recommended for wilderness status in the 1992 report to Congress.

The Bennett Mountains WSA is predominantly natural, with few human footprints. The mountain, which is about four miles long, has distinct rocky ledges and walls along the entire southern exposure, and the northern portion is traversed with numerous tree-filled drainages. In many places, the rocky walls are vertical outcrops that create a fortress-type appearance. In most cases, all portions of the WSA are interspersed with grasses, sagebrush and other shrubs, and pockets of pine, aspen and willows. The higher elevations have considerably less vegetation and more rugged rocky features. The elevation ranges from approximately 6,600 to 8,000 feet. The only man-made intrusions in the WSA are approximately four miles of discontinuous two-track trails. These are not noticeable from a distance and have a minimal impact on the total area.

The high plateau, coupled with numerous draws and rocky outcrops, provides a high degree of solitude. The mountain offers numerous secluded places for recreational activities. However, the areas are small and visitor overlap is likely as one travels between canyons. The spectacular view of Seminoe Reservoir to the southwest provides a feeling of spaciousness but also illustrates the effects of man’s nearby development.