Prospect Mountain WSA

Location: Carbon County

Nearest Town: Encampment (16 miles)

BLM Acreage: 1,145 acres

Primitive & Unconfined Recreation:hdd.Par.39755.Image.-1.-1.1.gif
The Prospect Mountain area provides a variety of recreational activities, including fishing, hunting, sightseeing, hiking, camping, rock hounding and wildlife viewing. The area is used by local residents and nonresidents alike. The North Platte River adjacent to the WSA offers high quality fishing and float-boating and is a well-known national attraction.

Other major recreational use is associated with mule deer and elk hunting. This area provides high-quality hunting and has regional significance.

Opportunities for sightseeing within the WSA are numerous. The area is exceptionally scenic with nongame wildlife such as raptors and small mammals abundant in the WSA.

The Prospect Mountain WSA encompasses 1,145 acres of BLM-administered land with no inholdings or split estate. The study area is 70 percent forested with lodgepole pine and aspen as the main species. Elevation varies about 1,000 feet and the terrain drains to the nearby North Platte River. Hunting, fishing, camping and rock hounding are excellent in the area.

Those wanting to get away from it all should find ample solitude in this essentially roadless WSA. Located about 16 miles southeast of Encampment, Wyo., the WSA adjoins the U.S. Forest Service’s Platte River Wilderness. The elevation ranges from 7,400 to 8,430 feet and the topography is mountainous with areas of sagebrush/grassland interspersed with timber. All of this WSA was recommended for wilderness designation in the 1992 report to Congress.

The Prospect Mountain WSA has an essentially natural character. Man’s influence, for the most part, is unnoticeable. Except for two short two-track trails that dead end, the area is free of intrusions. These intrusions blend into the overall character of the WSA. The vegetation and/or topography screen the primitive trails, providing a high degree of naturalness.

Prospect Mountain and Prospect Creek, coupled with dense forest cover and riparian areas, provide a high degree of solitude while creating numerous secluded places for recreational activities. With 70 percent of the area covered by trees, visitors are easily screened from one another. The Platte River Wilderness, which forms the eastern boundary of the WSA and contains 23,000 acres, enhances the opportunity for solitude in this WSA because of its undeveloped nature.

Special Features:
The Prospect Mountain WSA is highly scenic. Color and texture of the WSA contrast sharply with the adjacent high desert environment. There are many shades of green and blue in the warmer months, which change to green, gold and brown in the fall.